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Media production

GICF is a business media production company that provides rich media production, social media production, corporate media production, digital media production, creative media production, television media or TV films production, new media production and business media production services. Specialises in audio production, video production, web video development or production, content writing or creative writing and editing of media production. From pre-production to post-production, we deliver complete media production process. This includes corporate movie production, advertisement film production, business content writing, creative writing, creative conceptualisation, ideation, sound effect or Sfx, visual effects or Vfx, individual portfolio production, stationery design, promotional material design, catalogue design, company presentation development, script writing, voice over or VO, anchoring and so on.


It is the first business-planning firm to provide media production services. It means that the creative directors understand your brand image and the personal or business message you want to send to the target market. And tell your story in a way that engages, inspires and motivates your target media to achieve your marketing plan goals.


Based in Delhi, India, GICF provides media productions services, audio production, animation, video production, graphic designing, images creation or production, photography and content writing. We do it all, from concept to production, from small local companies to international corporations. Our roots might be in Delhi, but we touch hearts globally.


Media production services at GICF

Company Presentation / Project Presentation

Concept development or planning

Slides creation or production

Content writing

Including audio

Including video

Editing and mastering


Website production: Static and CMS




Corporate Movie / Ad Film Production

Pre-production:   Concept development

Production Planning

Location Planning

Script writing (English/Punjabi/Hindi)

Production: Voice Over (Male and/or Female)


Sound Engineering or Music Composition

Graphic designing


Post-production:  VFX (Video Effects)

SFX (Sound Effects)

Mixing and Mastering


Graphic Designing

Promotional Material Design: Catalogue design

E-catalogue design

E-mailer design

Brochure design

Flyers design

Stationery Design:       Business or visiting card design

Letterhead design

Complimentary slips design

Envelope design


Content Writing

Content or creative writing either makes or spoils the production material. GICF understands this and makes sure that right message is imparted through media production. Written words are power...power to attract prospects and customers, power to reach masses, power to express the idea to the clients, power to communicate message to the target market and connect to the right prospects and have high rate of conversions. Script of Corporate movie, Ad film, company presentation and educational videos is most important to maintain the relevance and hence fulfil the purpose.


Based in Delhi, India, GICF provides media productions services, audio production, animation, video, photography, images and content writing.


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