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Why choose for your business plans or business plan templates?
We have been leaders in providing undisputable business plans and templates for past 15 years.

#  Our customers, who used our plans and templates have 100% success rate.

#  Our customers raised over GBP billion funds.

#  Our customers achieved targeted success and have generated billion pounds revenue.

#  Our customers' businesses grew faster than normal and were able to sell their businesses for billion pounds.

#  Most of our customers became successful within 8-10 months of inception of the business.

#  Debt ridden clients were able to recover in six months.

#  Customers earned 120% to 300% ROI in 12 to 18 months.


Where are you based?
We are based in Netaji Subhash Place, a hub of business community, New Delhi, India. 


What is the difference between Business start up plan templates, Business plan templates and Business continuity plan templates?
Business start up plan templates are for start-up companies or ventures that require to raise capital,

Business plan templates are for the businesses those look for growth or expansion or diversification and need to raise capital through bank loan or otherwise,

Business continuity plan templates, also called as Plan B i.e. to plan in advance if existing business plan does not work or when business is affected by different levels of disaster.


Can I get business loan/bank loan with
Yes. GICF customised business plan service ensures that you will get the business loan from a bank or a financial institution. Business plans are professional and carry all the information a bank requires to lend business money.


Can help me get the business loan?
Yes. GICF can connect you with venture capitalists with credential of GBP billions and other investors with credential of GBP millions.

For MSMEs, if you use customised business plan service, then GICF can raise capital up to GBP 50,000 at a success fee of 2%.


Are business plan and business-plan templates helpful only to raise capital/investment?


#  Business plan templates also help you to understand the business elements and think like an entrepreneur.

#  It also helps you to plan a successful business with the pre-determined targets.

#  You can use templates as checklist for business excellence.

#  It also helps you get business visa

#  Business plan is a compulsory document if you want to take your company or business international. Our business plans are approved by various embassies.

#  Business plan report for bank loan

#  Business plan report for venture capitalist

#  Business plan for smooth operations

#  Business start up plan

#  Business continuity plan document

#  Business expansion plan

#  International business plan

#  Business plan document for visa

#  Business plan for seed capital

#  Business plan report for e-commerce

#  Business plan for digital marketing

#  Business plan for mergers & acquisitions


Why should I have a business plan?
It is a research-based fact that almost 90% start-ups fail in one year to three years of incorporation. The reason is that the businesses start based on known skill sets, enthusiasm and excitement. Or start based on an innovation with the idea to make it big.


But the business factors and environment (internal and external) is the reason for success or failure of business. Business plan helps you understand the business aspects, controllable and uncontrollable environmental factors, thereby, ensure business success.


What is the difference between customised business plan and business plan templates?

Customised business plan is a complete service in which

#  collects information from you about you and your business idea

#  documents the inputs

#  gets your approval about business concept and infrastructure

#  conducts market study and analyses the industry

#  collects data through market intelligence systems

#  develops a market research report

#  develops each element of business plan

#  integrates all the information as one document

#  Proof reads the business plan document

#  Gets your approval

#  Develops the final document

#  If still, bank or other financial institution asks for changes

#  Will do the changes and send you the second version of the document


Business Plan templates: are the ready tools or help guides to develop a professional business plan document. It is helpful, if you know all about business and projections and just need to organise in one document for the stakeholders.


Which one is advisable for my business?

#  If you have a business idea, but are not good at research and accounts or presentation, go for customised business plan service.

#  If you are an author and have done your research and good with accounts and numbers, go for business plan templates.


What is the use of business plan templates?
The main business plan templates give you a broad view about business elements. The other templates are sub-segments of the business plan. Each segment gives you detailed view and covers important aspects of the business, to ensure business excellence.


How to use the templates?

  1. Request via email business plan templates and other segment templates to
  2. You will receive within 12 hours in your inbox
  3. Read the business plan template and segment templates point by point. Think a simple and to the point reply and write in the given section.
  4. Read the instructions of first page of the template
  5. Fill in the information in each template.
  6. Integrate all templates to the main Business Plan template
  7. Proof read your document and reconcile as a single story
  8. Edit the document and you are good to go


What is this text in orange colour in the template I received?
There is help text provided in orange colour. Replace this text with your appropriate information/reply.


Note: the help text might be or might not be relevant to you. You can write the replies in your words too. But, if you are not an author, you can use the help text and replace the facts and figures with the appropriate data.