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Organisations (for profit or for no-profit) that are most successful are consistently thinking ahead of their competitors and always seem ready for the next set of changes or challenges. Consciously or otherwise, they are thinking strategically and are planning ahead. They have a Strategic Plan.


GICF makes this possible for its clients. It:

>  develops a strategic approach in response to achieving the vision

>  documents the approach and have all levels of the organisation accept the process

>  and has a system in place where it is reviewed and adjusted as necessary


Obviously much work goes to achieving those simple statements. Professional systems at GICF, brings all the pieces together for plan development and implementation. Namely, market analysis, company capacities, organisation structure, human resource management, financial analysis, financial strategy, marketing strategy, growth and expansion strategy, exit strategy and so on, all that is required for organisational excellence.


A business plan is a road map to success, so, it is very important to understand and implement the business plan in a right way. GICF provides training sessions to the CEOs that explain the utility and implementation of the Business Plan.

It brings fresh perspective to the process. Equally important, clients have positive feeling, stronger cohesiveness, a sense of accomplishment and a renewed belief.

The professional and organised mentoring provides strategic advantage to the business start-ups and expanding businesses to launch, grow and be successful.


The wide network helps start-up businesses and expanding businesses to find right business partners and investors to make business success a reality.