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About Us

About GICF Group

GICF provides target based plan and strategy, therefore, with GICF as your consultant, DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.


GICF Group has:

  • 2 decades of international experience,
  • 100% success rate in development and implementation of business plan and strategies,
  • Developed 100+ business plan reports to present to venture capitalist, embassy, bank, international clients and so on
  • Mentored entrepreneurs to achieve "the next level" target
  • Mentored business start-ups for business success
  • Delivered 200+consultancy projects


Catered to:

  • Clients in10 countries: India, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, China, Hong Kong, Canada, USA, Sweden, Ethiopia and Italy
  • Businesses from 40 sectors: Information technology, robotic engineering, civil engineering, cad cam cae related production, mechanical engineering, reverse engineering, product designing, fashion designing, graphic designing, interior designing, furniture manufacturing, building and construction, import and export, politics, social enterprises, jewellery, tea leaves plantation and distribution, coolers manufacturing, printing press, automotive, automobile, healthcare, e-commerce, e-learning, e-governance, production house, media (news channel), media (print), education, website development, digital marketing, mining, fragrances procurement, glass manufacturing, health supplements, luxury magazine, handcrafted accessories, fast food, poly-houses, agriculture related products, stock broker and stock broking digital application.
  • 300+ businesses


Honoured by:

  • Sikh Business Awards 2013 in London as "Business Women of the year", United Kingdom
  • Global Marketing Summit 2012, SRCC, Delhi University, India
  • Innovative Marketing Strategies 2012, SRCC, Delhi University, India
  • D-Axis 2010 to address 2000 NGOs pan India, Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi, India


USP (unique selling points)

  • Business plan is based on in-depth study about your company and you as an individual and industry analysis
  • Customised business plan and strategy, provides exact solutions for your company
  • One-to-one CEO training sessions help to implement the business plan efficiently and to have a life you want
  • Focused and target market directed business media production planning; because promotional material reach the market before you



Either you are planning to start a business or grow and expand your business, GICF business start-up plan, business continuity plan, marketing plan is that you need. At GICF we have made it still easier by providing all tools online. Choose a suitable plan and ready templates to have a professional business plan, marketing plan to ensure business growth.

This e-commerce portal gives you an instant access to business tools and first hand customised online consultancy. You can ask any question related to your day to day business needs. May it be financial, operational, human resource related or just a help to take the right strategic decision.

Go through the plans and pricing and choose the best for you. If you need help, please contact at


About the founder & CEO


Independent consultant catering MSME sector, have experience of more than a decade to develop business plan and implement strategies. Have developed and successfully implemented business plan and strategies for 35 industries and 100+ entrepreneurs.

An alumna of Regents Business School London, Bournemouth University, UK and University of Delhi, India; triple masters in International Business Administration, literature and feminism.

Head girl of the school and Society president in graduation, she has natural leadership and communication skills.

Worked as a broadcaster in AIR and have been a subject matter expert and anchor for 250+ e-learning modules.

Won 50+ awards in school and college for computer languages, debating, paper reading, declamation, gymnastics, athlete and other group competitions.

Out of passion, am:
1. A certified interior designer
2. AutoCAD, ADT and Primavera Engineer
3. Certified Vaani course bearer AIR broadcaster
3. Voice over artist; have done 250+ 30 minutes' recordings
4. Graphic and website designer
5. Go to rural areas of Punjab and impart faculty-training programs